Looking to make a one stop shopping trip?  Look no further than the New Fred Meyers at Eagle Road and Chinden.  Pick up a few groceries for dinner, grab a pair of shoes, pick up a gift for a birthday party, Shop a jewlery store, check out the latest electronics, make a quick deposit, grab a smoothie at Starbucks,fill up your gas tank and head back home...all within 5 minutes of home.  Being a lifelong resident of Eagle, I never dreamed convenience would be so close!

The store opened on schedule June 22, 2012 to much attention and over 16,000 visitors. The 40-acre development is at the northeast corner of U.S. 20-26 and Linder Road in southwest Eagle and cost a reported $31 Million to build.

The Eagle Island Marketplace...another great addition to the Eagle Lifestyle we enjoy:)