If your considering listing your home or need a market analysis our team is your team:) 

Below we explain why we are successful at listing your home and how we use cutting edge advanced technology for marketing. 

Let's be candid, the old methods Do Not work like they use to. The MLS, a sign in the yard, and some full-color brochures are simply not enough in today's marketplace. You need a company with true added value....and a track record of success.  A group that makes your house look as good as possible with massive exposure and marketing on literally thousands of online sites to be sure potential buyers are being reached.  

We Specialize in Advanced Internet Marketing that only 3% of Agents can afford and only the top real estate companies are using. Consider that around 95% of Real Estate Buyers are starting their search online or a mobile device, and the average American spends over two hours a day on the Internet and using other social media. We embrace these dynamics and direct our marketing where Buyers for your home are most likely to be.  

We do not merely “list” your property and go into a "wait-and-see" mode.  We create success through home stagingprofessional photography and unparalleled digital strategies, in addition to consistent follow up!  You can keep doing business the old way...and you can keep getting the same results. Or, you can learn more today about our unmatched marketing systems.    

Call me today to get a free market analysis of your home:)

-Alei Merrill