Pro photos sell Boise homes

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is an English idiom and it refers to the idea that a subject can be conveyed with just a single image or that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does. First impressions with real estate are everything. Especially when you consider that for every one Buyer who sets foot in a listing, there are thousands, and even tens of thousands who view it online.  

I don't understand when sellers get in a panic to get their property "on the MLS" without considering all the marketing preparations that should be taken first if they want to maximize value. A big consideration is professional quality photography and home staging services. We are big advocates of professional photography on every single listing. (Meaning - thoughtfully staged photos with lights turned on and as much clutter put away as possible.) And, under no circumstances should the MLS listing be launched until the professional photos are re-touched and inserted into the listing.  

Buyer’s agents are constantly looking for new properties for their buyers. If two listings become active at the same time, one with photos and one without, which listing do you think the agents are more inclined to take their clients to? Also, more important than ever in our information and digital age is the internet. It dominates a large majority of a homebuyer’s searching efforts. Recent reports say this is as high as 90% of all home searches done (in 2010) were online. Many buyers are on automatic drip systems for new listings, or receiving updates from their agent pulled from the Boise MLS.

Home in Boise Idaho front elevation

When a new listing comes to market with no or bad quality photos, a buyer will often ignore it or downgrade it in their mind. I have seen times where good photos show up, but a week later meaning the listing has lost all the initial excitement. First impression opportunity is lost forever.

Listings with professional photos sell for more money, and not only that, but they sell sooner than other homes. With the internet, listing photos are a critical factor — it will determine the selling price of a home, how quickly it sells and whether it sells at all. I’d venture to say that the single most important factor in selling a home is good photos. "A picture is worth a thousand words" is true every time. 

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